‘Man Of Steel’ Goes To Jail In New Poster

So, yeah, there’s a new Man of Steel poster out. Looks like it’s getting into the plot a little bit. Just a tad. We also overanalyze the new Star Trek poster, because we’re nerds.

For those interested, here’s the whole poster:

For us, the more interesting implication here is that Superman is voluntarily submitting to arrest. Really, if he wants to leave, it’s not like handcuffs will slow him down any. Nor will the soldiers he’s surrounded by be able to do much more than get smacked silly and goggle at Superman twisting their guns into knots. We’re assuming he gets framed for something, maybe property destruction for crushing Jimmy’s signal watch, but we’ll know more, likely after The Hobbit hits theaters in a few weeks.

Now for Benedict Cumberbatch’s trenchcoat clad butt:

Clearly, somebody at Paramount is a Dark Knight Rises fan. That said, this would seem to indicate that the villain in this case really is Gary Mitchell instead of Khan, since Khan doesn’t usually cause destruction on this massive a scale (nor is he a Starfleet officer, which the vague official summary all but announced)

Whoever he is, he’s got the power to really trash the place, and we’ll be curious to see what we get when trailers start hitting.