‘Man Of Steel’ Breaks Record, Get Ready For These Characters In The Sequel And ‘Justice League’

The sequel to Man Of Steel and Justice League are being fast-tracked with scripts written by David Goyer. Those two projects were hinging on how the $225M-budgeted Man Of Steel does in theaters. Well, it just debuted at $113.1M in the US and $71.6M overseas, the largest-ever U.S. opening in June. It brought in a combined gross of nearly $200M in the first weekend, not even counting the $170M+ Man Of Steel has already received from at least 98 corporate sponsors.

So get ready for Man Of Steel 2: No Left Turns and Justice League: New Batman and finally Wonder Woman (maybe). The Wall Street Journal reports the Man Of Steel sequel may be ready by 2014, and Justice League may release as soon as 2015.

Director Zack Snyder has already set the stage by referencing other characters from the DC Comics universe in Man Of Steel such as Lex Luthor’s LexCorp building and Batman’s Wayne Enterprises. Slashfilm put together a list of six characters teased in the movie you may not have noticed, like a Blaze Comics sign in reference to Booster Gold. Meanwhile, in the real world, a funny drawing going around Tumblr is now made real:

Oh, internet. I wish I could quit you. No, really. How do I quit you? My family is worried.

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