New ‘Man Of Steel’ Trailer Reminds Us Why This Movie Has Already Grossed $170 Million

The final trailer for Man Of Steel is out for the movie opening next Friday. It’s a dark yet hopeful trailer set to a new piece of composer Hans Zimmer’s excellent score. This newest Man Of Steel trailer is sponsored by Nokia. Speaking of which, Man Of Steel has already grossed $170 million and received millions more in free advertising spots thanks to its 98 corporate sponsors, says THR.

The $170 million even beats The Dark Knight Rises‘ $150 million from sponsors, and THR’s sources at Warner Brothers say they may have more overseas ad partners added soon.

Those corporate sponsors include the obvious ones like Mattel (action figures) and businesses shown in the background during scenes (like Sears). They also had the Gillette campaign about how Superman shaves. Then there are the more tenuous tie-ins, like Carls Jr. cheeseburgers, Converse shoes, Hershey’s Twizzlers, two different concept cars from Chrysler, and even the National Guard. Yes, some of our tax dollars went to Warner Brothers for Man Of Steel. Can we score some discounted tickets for that?

[Sources: The Playlist and THR]