The New ‘Man Of Steel’ TV Spot Is Just A Wee Bit Epic (And Playing ‘WoW’ Almost Cost Henry Cavill The Job)

If the Man Of Steel trailer and GIF roundup weren’t enough Superman epic-ness for your liking, a new TV spot and poster are here to save the day. The TV spot aired on ABC and includes a few new bits of footage, like Superman shouting something (Dad?) and flying around IN SPACE.

We’ve also learned from an interview with Henry Cavill in British GQ that he could have lost the Superman role in Man Of Steel because he didn’t answer his phone when director Zack Snyder called him to make an offer. The reason he didn’t answer? He was engrossed in playing World of Warcraft.

Says Cavill, “I saw it was him [calling] but the thing is, you can’t save World of Warcraft, you can’t pause it. It’s live.” Cavill did return the call, so there’s at least one person out who’s able to escape from Azeroth. But we can’t all be Superman. GET OFF MY BACK, MOM!

Man Of Steel opens June 14th. HD available at The Playlist.

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