This Man Pooped Himself While Trying To ‘Drop It Low’ For The Ladies On The Dance Floor

There’s really no worse way to lose a dance contest than by pooping yourself. Some might say that death is a little bit less preferable than pooping, but those people don’t understand that when you die, things like pooping yourself somehow don’t seem as important. No, what’s worse than anything is trying to show off your sick moves and making everyone around you get sick when you poop yourself in the process? Has the word poop been used enough? Because you need to understand: this guy really pooped himself. And it was caught on video.

The Mirror reports that the most embarrassing thing to ever happen to this guy was posted to the internet after someone at the club he was at (in Cardiff) saw the CCTV footage and realized that the world needed to know. While the man hasn’t been identified—and for his sake, let’s hope he isn’t—an alleged friend posted a statement saying that the mad pooper had a bad stomach the night of the incident and didn’t want to go out. But he was persuaded and didn’t hold back, even though he really, really should have.

Here’s what the dancer’s friend said of his pal’s antics:

“He was trying so hard to impress the opposite sex that he ended up dancing the cr*p out of himself.

Maybe that’s the way to frame it! Not “he crapped himself in front of strangers,” but “he danced the crap out of himself.” Hopefully his stomach felt a little better afterward (although it’s hard to imagine his ego did).

(Via The Mirror, h/t Death and Taxes)