A Man Who Claimed Police Assaulted Him Was Caught On Tape Punching Himself In The Face

The man in the clip above was clearly facing some serious time for the crimes he allegedly committed. That’s the only reason I can understand him punching himself in the face 45 times and blaming the police for it. It might’ve worked too if there wasn’t a camera capturing it all on video right in front of him. From The Register-Guard:

Aleksander Robin Tomaszewski, 33, was being held in the jail on charges that included stalking and first-degree sexual abuse, according to jail records, when he told deputies that detectives had assaulted him during an interview.

He also allegedly told authorities repeatedly that he wanted to press charges for the alleged assault. He had multiple facial injuries, deputies said.

The complaint was forwarded to a sergeant in charge of detectives, who reviewed the video footage from the holding cell and the interview room, said sheriff’s office spokeswoman Sgt. Carrie Carver. The only assault captured on camera was in the holding cell where Tomaszewski was seen hitting himself, Carver said.

After being informed that his alleged assault had been captured on video, Tomaszewski admitted that he was only making up his fake assault story so he could possibly find an early release. Instead, The ploy brought more charges into play, one for attempted coercion that netted 20 days in jail, probation, and a $500 fine and another for initiating a false report that brought 20 extra days with a $100 fine.

Let this stand as a lesson for you wannabe criminals out there. Don’t attempt foolish loopholes to get out of jail time. If you’re in jail, try to prepare a defense, hire a lawyer, and be forward thinking. Don’t sit around punching yourself in the face in hopes that a fake assault charge will make you a free man or woman.

(Via The Register Guard)