Man Thinks He’s Being A Hero, Accidentally Ruins Couple’s Romantic Interlude In Most Awkward Way Possible Instead

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01.28.16 4 Comments
Sex in car


If ever there was a reminder to stay in your lane and not be a hero, it’s this story brought to you courtesy of a writer who wanted to save lives but accidentally ended up being the world’s most embarrassing cock-block (yes, even worse than your dad!). Fortunately for us, Joe Craig, the guy who’s at the gooey center of this cringe-fest was kind enough to share the whole incident on Twitter, where he recounted every detail of the horror that he was met with when he tried to help someone who was “screaming.”

According to Mashable, Craig tweeted out his story after teasing users about a very funny thing that happened to him that he couldn’t share while everyone was eating lunch. That kind of build-up usually leads to crushing disappointment (much like most backseat dalliances), but in this case it’s a pleasant (for us) and hilarious surprise.

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