Marco Rubio Says He Warned Us All About The Deep Fake Videos That Are Now Plaguing Tom Cruise

By now, you’ve probably seen those uncanny Tom Cruise deep fake videos that are awash on TikTok. In the vids, Not-Cruise affable things like playing golf, doing magical stuff, and tripping, which is how you know it’s not really Tom Cruise. No harm is done in those videos other than to show everyone how nefarious deep fake videos can be, and how they can ultimately be used to erode public trust, spread propaganda, and all sorts of other terrible things. GOP Senator Marco Rubio wants everyone to know that he told us so, and we should have listened to him three years ago when he warned that deep fakes can harm U.S. national security.

Of course, Rubio (who is very anti-China) blamed China for wielding TikTok as a “spy platform,” even if he did have a point about the harmful potential of deep fakes: “Incredibly realistic fake #TomCruise videos on China’s spy platform #TikTok a reminder that soon #deepfakes will be weaponized to destabilize countries by spreading disinformation, impacting elections & inspiring violence.”

It’s worth noting that Rubio had a very busy day. After warning us about the spread of disinformation, he visited with Sean Hannity to help spread disinformation (via a conspiracy theory) about Joe Biden’s health.

“He looks weak, frail, and obviously he’s struggling cognitively,” declared Hannity. “Senator, if you disagree, tell me I’m wrong.”

Rubio did not tell Hannity that he was wrong. “Well, I’ll tell you what else it reveals, it reveals the hypocrisy,” replied the senator from Florida. “I remember Rick Perry was torn apart and mocked by the press because he couldn’t remember something in a debate. I myself was torn apart in a debate because I repeated the same thing three times. It’s just a complete double standard.”

Rubio’s day was complete with him complaining about Dr. Seuss books being “cancelled.” He must be exhausted.