Marco Rubio May Have Just Come Up With The Worst Possible Excuse For Trump To Have Classified Docs At Mar-A-Lago: It’s A ‘Storage’ Issue

In the wake of the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago on August 8, 2022, MAGA Republicans and right-wing media have worked tirelessly to generate a whole list of stupid reasons why Donald Trump would be hoarding top-secret government documents at his Palm Beach home and golf club, and there have been some real doozies.

Initially, Trump himself claimed that as Supreme Dictator president, he had the right to take whatever he wanted from The White House (narrator: he did not). Rudy Giuliani, meanwhile, says that Trump was just doing what any true patriot would do: stealing highly secretive government documents in order to keep them safe at his private, unsecured home. Ohio congressman Mike Turner was one of several people to suggest that Trump needed the materials in order to write his memoirs. (LOL.) Meanwhile, Fox News reported that all of the drama surrounding January 6th and the fallout from the vicious attack on the Capitol probably just caused the fact that he had these classified papers to simply slip the big guy’s mind.

But Marco Rubio may have just offered up the most pathetic excuse of all: As MSNBC reports, the Florida senator has decided to chalk Trump’s illegal access to classified documents as a simple “storage” problem. Over the weekend, he explained that:

“This is, really, at its core, a storage argument that they’re making…. I don’t think a fight over storage of documents is worthy of what they’ve done, which is [a] full-scale raid and then these constant leaks.”

Guess The White House office manager better stock up on filing cabinets during their next Staples run!

Rubio went on to say that the controversy surrounding Trump and the raid on his home isn’t that the former POTUS should not be allowed access to the documents that were in his possession, just that the documents shouldn’t be stored at Mar-a-Lago, which is 100 percent incorrect.