Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims She Saw Marijuana ‘Zombies’ During Her NYC Trip

Marjorie Taylor Greene was in New York City the other week and she did not have a good time. She came to the Big Apple to protest Donald Trump’s arraignment, expecting to whip up a large crowd. She even tried to beef with Mayor Eric Adams. Instead she was effectively chased away from the site. Later she told Tucker Carlson that she found the city “disgusting.” Nearly two weeks later she’s still trashing the nation’s greatest city.

On Sunday, the MAGA lawmaker retweeted an op-ed published by The New York Post which claimed that weed, which was legalized in the city in 2021, is “turning New York workers into zombies.” Greene coudn’t agree more.

“I saw them when I went there to protest against the weaponization of government against President Trump by a George Soros funded DA,” Greene tweeted.

Marijuana “zombies” (there’s a band name for whoever wants it) was another surreal exaggeration from Greene, who had previously claimed that she saw “people basically dying on drugs” who “can’t even stand up.” There was also the now de rigueur GOP claim about rampant crime when it’s actually down, both from last year and historically.

(Also Alvin Bragg did not get money directly from George Soros, as many Republicans have dog-whistled.)

The NY Post op-ed complained not about the marijuana stench that’s taken over the city (which, to be fair, is only a slight exaggeration) but about the service workers. Specifically the writer claimed are now high on the job and getting his orders wrong. He had to ask a Starbucks barista three times for a “tall” coffee!

“They’re stoned up the wazoo, hollow-eyed, disengaged from their tasks, their breath reeking of weed,” he complained about the city’s working class, who he accused of hanging outside of smoke shops, getting high and starting knife fights.

It’s yet another example of conservatives fear-mongering about a city that’s about as safe as it’s ever been, especially compared to the days when their favorite president ruled the town (in between bankruptices). Hey, whatever keeps Greene from coming back.

(Via Raw Story)