Mark Hamill And Patrick Stewart Clash In A Gritty Showdown Over Tomatoes (?) In An Uber Eats Commercial

“Careful Hamill, Daddy’s not here to save you…”

“Oh, I am my daddy…”

A Jedi and a Starfleet captain walk into an empty warehouse, and one of the strangest, most delightful commercials in recent memory happened. The results don’t make much sense (is that an intentionally confusing Darth Vader reference? who knows), but this is downright cinematic, which is a good thing with all those blockbuster movies getting pushed to 2021. That’s right, when you need a break from TV binging, there are always, you know, clever commercials out there. You might even watch this one twice.

Yes, Uber Eats (which is seeing amplified sales during the pandemic) is here with the gritty showdown that no one knew they wanted: Mark Hamill and Patrick Stewart facing off in an empty warehouse while brandishing baseball and cricket bats. Now, everyone must side with the “tomatoes” pronunciation of their choice. May the most vicious man win, and the attention to culinary preferences here is truly striking. We can debate all day over “tuh-may-tos” versus “tuh-mah-toes,” but I’m more focused on the veggie cheeseburger versus ciabatta four-cheese tortellini.

Thinking I’d go with the cheeseburger, given the variety of textures, and the fact that Hamill looks pretty vicious with that baseball bat. I wouldn’t want to run into that in a galaxy far, far away. (I will show myself out, have a wonderful day.)