Marky Mark Wahlberg May Be The Next ‘Six Million Dollar Man’

First of all, no, I will not stop calling him Marky Mark. He can come to my house and fight me about it. C’mon, c’mon.

Secondly, lots of people have speculated that the current “real-world” cost of the Six Million Dollar Man, Steve Austin, would probably be more like the Sixty Million Dollar Man. So already I see some re-writes in this movie’s future.

According to Tracking Board, the rumor is that Universal still wants to remake the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man, and they want Mark Wahlberg to star. Peter Berg is producing and maybe directing, depending on whether the production actually happens. Harvey Weinstein is also involved, since he retained the rights to Cyborg, the Martin Caidin novel the TV series in the seventies was based on.

Previously, Miramax and Universal fought over rights to make a film. Kevin Smith even wrote a screenplay (which he turned into the comic book The Bionic Man), and Jim Carrey was maybe going to do a comedy version with Todd Phillips. It seems likely this new attempt might actually get made this time around. Lone Survivor was the last film directed by Berg and it also starred Wahlberg. It made enough money at the box office to actually build an army of bionic men.

Wahlberg’s scheduled to shoot Ted 2 next year, so I guess somebody better get this guy to sign a contract soon, or he’ll be off to create more HBO shows I don’t like at all.