Martha Stewart Is Being Criticized For Using ‘A Small Iceberg’ To Chill Her Cocktail

To paraphrase Mr. Freeze, allow Martha Stewart to break the ice.

On Monday, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue cover model shared an Instagram post about her cruise from Iceland to Greenland. “End of the first zodiac cruise from @swanhelleniccruises into a very beautiful fjord on the east coast of Greenland. We actually captured a small iceberg for our cocktails tonight,” she wrote. Stewart also offered visual proof of the cocktail, including a photo of the iceberg chunk (Iceberg Chunk would be a good name for an NFL defensive lineman).

As soon as the post went live, however, Stewart was criticized for sipping on a drink chilled by an iceberg as the world burned.

“I generally love Martha and the excesses of her life because she’s about beautiful gardens, homes, and food, but wealthy white people drinking their iceberg cocktails while the planet is in flames is a bit tone deaf,” one user wrote, while another responded by cautioning her against using icebergs for such a frivolous purpose: “Martha the ice caps are melting don’t put them in your drink.”

There’s comment after comment along those lines. “Love you girl but idk if u heard yet there’s an iceberg shortage??” reads one, while another user wrote, “Global warming and melting ice caps but we need glacier ice for cocktails?! Talk about tone def [sic]. Been a fan for years but I’ve seen enough caviar lately as I struggle to buy groceries that I’m out.”

In Martha’s defense (which she, an extremely wealthy person, obviously needs), she was getting her revenge for what icebergs did to Jack Dawson.

(Via EW)