This Halloween Costume Of Marty McFly In His DeLorean Is Heavy

The adorable chap in the Marty McFly Halloween costume and homemade DeLorean push car above is named Cooper. For his first Halloween, him mom Cory converted a Step2 push car into a Delorean. Cooper’s dad, Jeremy, provided the EL wire to give it glowing accents. Cory explains:

It all started with a red puffy vest Cooper already had and a side comment from my husband about Marty McFly in late September. I’ve always loved Back to the Future, and love cars since I was little and grew up going to car shows with my Dad; what better way to tote my 1yr old son around on Halloween than in a transformed $25 Step2 push car I bought off of the kidsale alias at work? So, I spent a few weekends and nights in October recreating the iconic DeLorean with cardboard, tape, paint, and a little help with some EL lighting from my husband, Jeremy. The perfect costume for Cooper’s first Halloween! [Goines]

When this thing gets up to 8.8 mph, you’re going to see some serious sh-t. (Because one-year-olds don’t have the greatest bowel control.)

More pictures of Cooper’s awesome Marty McFly and DeLorean Halloween costume are below. All pictures are courtesy of Goines via Fashionably Geek.

“Already texting while driving? Where does this guy learn this stuff?” — Goines