Good News: Marvel Isn’t Screwing Over Rocket Raccoon’s Creator

Marvel isn’t screwing over Rocket Raccoon’s creator Bill Mantlo, but you could still do him a solid and purchase one of these shirts to offset the costs of his healthcare.

Last week comic book fans on Twitter and Facebook grew concerned about rumors that writer and creator Bill Mantlo was being given the short-shrift by Marvel Studios over his machine gun-toting raccoon character in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie. A campaign quickly went around to right this injustice and to help Mantlo pay for his institutional care. The only problem is, Marvel apparently has no intentions of ignoring Mantlo, even though his original creation was a work-for-hire situation.

As Mantlo’s brother (and legal guardian) Michael explains on Facebook:

…Marvel has compensated, is compensating, and will continue to compensate Bill well into the future for anything that he’s entitled to compensation for. Please don’t spread false or malicious rumors, gang. Bill’s relationship with Marvel is EXCELLENT, and I wish for it to continue to be so. And all the false or exaggerated “facts” being tossed around about his accident (he was NOT in a coma for “years”, and the family was NOT put into financial ruin or destitution, among other WRONG “facts”). Yes, Bill was the victim of a horrible and tragic accident. Blowing everything out of proportion does no one any good. You guys (ALL OF YOU) have been a Godsend to Bill for these past 22 years by keeping his name & reputation alive, and by continuing to champion my cause of helping him improve his quality of life in whatever way I can, and I thank you ALL sincerely for that…

It’s fantastic that Marvel is being the good guy here, but Mantlo does still suffer from depression as well as complications from his accident, and could always use your support if you have it to give. The Rocket Raccoon shirt pictured above is available at Teespring for the next two weeks. It’s $15, half of which goes directly to Bill. If you’re short the cash to buy new tees, you can send cards or letters to Bill Mantlo care of his brother:

Mike Mantlo
26364 East Pintail Road
Long Neck, DE 19966