Marvel Now!: All The Teasers So Far

Marvel is going to change everything. Again. Avengers Vs. X-Men is about to wrap up after a lengthy time, and Marvel is about to essentially relaunch a fair chunk of their books.
The above is the most interesting: Many seem to believe that it’s the second coming of Marvelman. Myself, I’m a bit skeptical: We haven’t had nearly enough X-books teased, so far, and Magneto seems slated for a leadership role again.
Let’s take a look at what else is coming, shall we?

This one is confirmed and it was a chip shot anyway: Rick Remender and John Romita on Captain America. Why, yes, Marvel, I do believe I will read at least an issue of this.
Similarly, Matt Fraction and Mark Bagley on Fantastic Four certainly has my attention.
Jason Aaron will have a tricky job handling Thor, especially since in light of the movies the character will be getting a lot more attention than he normally would. But then again, his “Great Moments In Thor” blog entries indicate he might just have the affection for the goofier parts of the god of thunder to pull it off.
Fraction also seems to be tackling FF, which is one of those books everybody seems to hear good things about and yet nobody has actually read. Still, if anybody can change that, it’s Fraction.
Mark Waid on Hulk? If he’s green, hell yes. Red, eff no.
I don’t read X-books, as a rule, but Spurrier’s run on Extermination over at Boom! (which I love to an almost unseemly degree) means I’m buying his first issue.
It really takes a lot for me to care about an Iron Man book these days, and as talented as Gillen is, I just don’t see that changing. I may, however, buy the first issue just because I’m wondering if Greg Land has added anything to his collection of “stock photos”.
Avengers Arena features essentially lots of young superheroes killing each other. I’d be more interested if Image weren’t putting out two books with exactly this theme already (Danger Club and America’s Got Powers, for the curious).
This may be Marvel heresy, but I find the Deadpool books pretty uneven, and it’s generally a bad sign for a book if Marvel is calling in a celebrity ringer. Reginald Hudlin’s godawful run on Black Panther and Kevin Smith’s… well, pick a book that’s actually made print, really, are two prime examples.
This is one of the few mysteries left, although most seem to think it’s hinting at X-Force. Although the other possibility is that they’re putting the Punisher on a team.
Which could be this one, considering Frank Castle would fit in pretty well with what we’re guessing is a Thunderbolts book.
So far, it seems that Marvel actually has me interested in their line again. Once the books come out, we’ll see how that holds up.