Marvel’s ‘Group Hug’: See Posters For Famous Films If They Had Kept Their Working Titles

Working titles serve two purposes: they’re filler text for movies without a name, and they intentionally disguise the production of a film for fear that if word got out that Rory’s Kiss was actually The Dark Knight, then they’d might as well just call it The Dark Knight. They’re effective for about five minutes — and rarely do they stay attached to a movie (Snakes on a Plane was going to be changed to Pacific Air Flight 121 before Samuel L. Jackson said, “F*CK TO THE NO”) — but still highly amusing. Group Hug would have made SO much more money than The Avengers.

Redditor “daidalos5” came up with the bright idea to design movie posters if the films had kept their working titles, and now I’m upset that Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets wasn’t named after a Springsteen song.