Marvel's Sexy Pajamas Turn Real Women Into Fantasies

Marvel has taken Jessica Rabbit’s “I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way.” quote and applied it to flesh and blood humans. In a remarkably comic book solution to making sexy pajamas, Marvel, via Spencer’s, are drawing sexy female bodies on their pajamas. I can only imagine how this conversation went. Read the Marvel Exec character in the voice of J. Johah Jameson.

Marvel Assistant: Spencer’s is telling us our sexy superheroine pajamas line isn’t sexy enough.

Marvel Exec: What are you talking about? We’ve got the sexiest superheroines in the business!

Marvel Assistant: Apparently our female characters bodies are unrealistic when compared to most women.

Marvel Exec: Well, why don’t we just draw them differently!

Marvel Assistant: Yes sir, I’ll tell the artists to draw our female characters with bigger waists and smaller boobs.

Marvel Exec: No, you numbskull! We’ll just draw women on the pajamas with smaller waists and bigger boobs.

High fives and bonuses for everyone! Keep clicking for a closer look at these genius pajamas.