Archer’s ‘Skyfall’, Thor Actually, Cattack On Titan, And Other Mashups

Good afternoon you princes of Maine, you kings of New England, you stalkers of Jennifer Lawrence. Here are all the mashup and parody videos I didn’t get a chance to cover, thrown in your face like you’re Jodie Foster working for the FBI.

In the offing for today:

  1. FIRST VIDEO: SlowSnoozeDay re-casts our favorite gun safety expert and Kenny Loggins enthusiast as James Bond. Sterling Archer and the rest of the Archer cast provide apt dialogue for the Skyfall trailer. [via GAS]
  2. SECOND VIDEO: IT Media remade the opening credits of Attack on Titan with cats. Lots and lots of greenscreened cats. Okay, Internet. We’re done here. [via Kotaku]
  3. THIRD VIDEO: Jimmy Kimmel premiered a trailer for Thor Actually, recutting Thor: The Dark World as a typical romantic comedy. He’s a demigod from another realm. She’s a brassy scientist. Can they bridge worlds to make it work? *record scratch* Oh look out! He’s got a wacky ice giant for a brother! *sproing* Will these crazy kids ever work it out? *vomits forever* [via THR]
  4. FOURTH VIDEO: Earlier today we heard about the should-be-real Nintendo game Duck Hunt: Shootable Dog. That reminded me of this video by Virality Farm, who went to great lengths to ensure that damn dog from Duck Hunt finally gets what he deserves. [via SayOMG]
  5. Inset picture: mashup of Attack on Titan and Monty Python and the Holy Grail made by Ketchup Not Catsup.