Alleged Sex Trafficker Matt Gaetz, Fresh From Hiring Lawyers Who Represented Epstein And El Chapo, Is Now Condescendingly Lecturing A General

GOP Representative Matt Gaetz has an uncanny ability to disassociate from his own allegedly criminal behavior, a talent that was on full display during a recent Congressional hearing involving the country’s top military commanders.

Gaetz — whose allies have been busy hiring the same guys who used to represent convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, crime lord El Chapo, and cult leader Keith Raniere in preparation for his own sex trafficking trial — was more than happy to skewer General Mark Milley during a hearing held by the Senate Armed Services Committee. Milley, who’s become a favored political punching bag for right-wing conservatives like Gaetz recently, is under scrutiny for how he tried to curb Trump’s military power during his time as president, as well as how he’s handled the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, including a recent drone strike that killed multiple civilians. And while critics are no doubt hoping to get some answers from Milley on the thought-process behind his military decision-making, Gaetz was clearly interested in just getting more headlines with his public rant during the hearing — one that ended with Gaetz calling for Milley and other generals to be removed from duty.

“You seem to be very happy failing up over there,” Gaetz began in his tirade, via Mediaite. “But if we didn’t have a president that was so addled, you all would be fired. Because that is what you deserve. You have let down the people who wear the uniform in my district and all around this country.”

Strong words from a guy who might have sex trafficked underage girls and is such a political pariah that even Trump won’t invite him down to Mar-A-Lago for brunch.

(Via Mediaite)