Apparently No One Wants To Host Matt Gaetz And Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘America First’ Rally In California

Marjorie Taylor Green and Matt Gaetz are trying to keep their America First speaking tour afloat, but getting a venue in the state of California is proving to be a bit of an issue. Multiple reports on Saturday indicated that several venues abruptly canceled on the two Republican lawmakers, who are quite literally speaking to people about not getting canceled.

As The Daily Beast reported on Saturday, three different venues officially canceled on Gaetz and Taylor Greene ahead of their scheduled Saturday event. The third came just hours before the scheduled event, as the M3 Live Anaheim Event Center pulled the plug on the rally for the QAnon-believing congresswoman and the Florida congressman currently under investigation for sex trafficking allegations.

This came after two separate venues, the Pacific Hills Banquet & Event Center in Laguna Hills and the Riverside Convention Center, canceled on the pair after protesters flooded the respective owners with complaints.

In Riverside, city council members also chimed in to voice their concern, with council member Ronald Fierro saying, “The hateful and racist rhetoric that will be perpetrated at this event by these two well-known extremists has absolutely no place in our City.”

Gaetz later teased a new venue on Saturday afternoon (the fourth one, for those keeping track), that he believed is “even better than we imagined.”

None of that ever came to fruition, though: Gaetz later tweeted an awkward video of him in front of a city hall and announced a “peaceful rally against communism” on Saturday night.

Gaetz tweeted about the cancelations themselves on Saturday, summing it up that people are “afraid” of what he and Taylor Greene have to say.

As many pointed out, however, it’s more like the two representatives quite literally can’t pay people enough to let them hang around their property.