Matt Stone And Trey Parker Want Kids To Bleed More For The South Park RPG

Last week we noted that the South Park RPG in development sounds hella cool, and we also had a list of unconfirmed details about the game. Now Game Informer’s interview with the game’s lead designer Matt MacLean confirms that the combat system will be similar to Paper Mario, with properly-timed inputs giving you advantages in the battle. He also said the kids would use weapons believable for kids to find, like wooden swords, flaming tennis balls, gardening implements, and ninja stars.

Previously they said players could pick one of five classes: wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue, and “a fifth unconventional class made up by Cartman”. Last week we guessed that fifth class Cartman would make up would obviously be Jews, and MacLean confirmed in the interview that this is the case. He describes Jews as paladin/monks who are a “high risk, high reward character. The closer he is to death the more powerful his abilities become.” Add that sentence to the list of things that, if taken out of context, could totally get him and me fired.

MacLean sums up the game’s combat system:

The essence of the combat is kids being kids. When we showed Matt and Trey an early build, one of the comments was, “I want the kids to bleed more. I want the kids to cry more. I want these kids to really just treat each other like crap.” Because that’s what kids do; they’re really rough with each other. I think that was one of the things they certainly wanted out of combat, was kids being little bastards. [transcribed from the full interview available at Game Informer]

They want kids to bleed more, cry more? What are they, an assistant football coach at Penn State? I’m joking. That’s just a joke. We like to have fun here.