Maxine Waters Dressed Down Jim Jordan After He Wouldn’t Stop Going After Dr. Fauci: ‘Shut Your Mouth’

Representative Maxine Waters has a very low threshold for bullsh*t, and Republican Jim Jordan just found that out the hard way.

During a House subcommittee meeting to assess how well the government had responded to the pandemic over the course of the last year — spoiler, not too well — Jordan used his precious minutes at the mic to complain about the loss of basic “liberties” on behalf of his constituents. Jordan ranted about everything from social distancing measures to mask mandates while arguing that our constitutional rights to “go to church” and “have friends over” had been infringed upon. He was making such a big show of things because Dr. Anthony Fauci, who’s been in charge of the government’s response to COVID-19 (and who seems to be the far-right’s favorite punching bag) was also at the hearing to share what kind of progress had been made in terms of vaccinations.

Instead, he spent a lot of time arguing with Jordan, who’s really tired of statewide curfews.

While Fauci tried to explain there’s no magic number that, once reached, will let the country open back up again, Jordan kept pressing the good doctor, even after his time had expired. And it’s one thing to waste your own time spewing some performative outrage to rile up your base, but when you start disrespecting your committee chair and interrupting others’ right to talk — well, that’s when Maxine Waters gets fed up.

The representative gave Jordan a good tongue lashing after he kept battling with both Fauci and subcommittee chair Democratic Rep. James Clyburn, yelling at him from across the room to “shut your mouth” after his angry outbursts.

To be honest, we think Waters’ “reclaiming my time” meme might have some new competition.