Meet Johnny Dronehunter, The Guy With Just The Thing To Fend Off Privacy Invasion

“In the not-too-distant future, privacy is a thing of the past. Undeniable rights degrade like the paper they were written upon, and Big Brother has a constant eye on you and your family.” That’s the beginning of the message that welcomes us to SilencerCo’s first video in what is reportedly going to be a series, as “Johnny Dronehunter” is the tat-sleeved urban superhero who is stepping up to shoot all of those pesky drones out of the sky to stop the government from spying for us. And all he needs to do it is his trusty shotgun and the SilencerCo Salvo 12, which is the “first and only commercially-viable shotgun suppressor on Earth.”

Well, I’m sold – and terrified of being plugged in the chest when I least expect it – but tell us more about the series and this Johnny Dronehunter character.

“We wanted to use this video to energize the ongoing discourse about privacy in a creative way,” he said. “We created Johnny Dronehunter and intend to continue a series of videos in this vein with him as the main character to represent the Americans who feel they don’t have an appropriate voice in this privacy debate.” (Via Motherboard)

Last I checked, a debate involved two or more parties respectfully and intelligently discussing a specific topic, but perhaps my high school study of the Lincoln-Douglas method stopped before I got to the part where the guy pulls a huge honking shotgun out of his car and starts shooting the robot helicopter army out of the sky. The bottom line is that this is about the privacy of American citizens first, and the sale of a shotgun silencer second, third and probably fourth.