Meet The Costa Rican Model Who’s Allegedly Very Pregnant, Though She Doesn’t Look It

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03.06.15 14 Comments

Remember the pregnant CrossFit woman who pissed off almost all of Facebook a year and a half ago? Well a new mother-to-be with an athletic constitution is making the rounds on social media, except it’s highly unlikely anyone is going to say anything negative about her. Why? Because her name is Sarah Stage (totally authentic), she’s a model from Costa Rica, and she doesn’t look 8 1/2 months pregnant (even though she supposedly is).

There’s an obvious bump there, but 8 1/2 months? I’ve had food babies that were bigger than that.

Whatever, I’m sure she’s pregnant. She added the hashtag#34weeks to the most recent post, but maybe she meant #8weeks instead.

(Via Instagram)

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