Meet The Drunk Dickhead Who Claims His Rich Dad ‘Owns Half Of F*cking Manhattan’

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At any point on any day in any year, there’s going to be at least one drunk NYU student walking around Manhattan with his proverbial (or maybe literal!) d*ck out. Usually they’re boring sh*t stirrers and not worthy of anyone’s attention. Then there’s Gerry Shalam. According to the uploader of the video below, Shalam and his buddies got drunk during brunch and “fled a fight.” They ended up outside a dry cleaners on 28th Street, and that’s where the nepotism hired a butler to deliver this message.

“This your property? My dad is in f*ckin’ real estate, you’re gonna tell me this your property? My dad owns half of f*cking Manhattan.”

Except, no, he doesn’t.

Shalam, an Allenhurst, New Jersey native, is a member of NYU’s Class of 2017. His father Lou is a garment industry executive, and his mother Frieda is an event coordinator and member of the Allenhurst Borough zoning and planning board.

Shalam apparently used the phony surname because his stricken friend–who collapses to the pavement at one point–is himself an Adjmi, a wealthy New York real estate family. (Via)

It’s up to you to decide whether Shalam’s being a good friend, or a wannabe rich kid of Instagram. (Ditto if the cameraman deserves scorn for filming them in the first place.) Meanwhile, I’ll be over here watching a video of a young Shalam performing “If I Only Had a Brain.” If only.

(Video may get taken down. FYI.)

Via the Smoking Gun

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