Meet The Latest Woman Who Was Caught Smuggling A Gun Into Jail In Her Vagina

Well everybody, it’s only six days into 2015 and we already have our first arrest made of a woman who attempted to smuggle a handgun into jail in her vagina. Hooray! *balloons and streamers drop from the ceiling while a live marching band starts playing*

34-year-old Josephine McAllister of Albuquerque takes the crown from a Tennessee woman who was our previous UPROXX record holder of the best place to hide a firearm, by allegedly smuggling the gun into Albuquerque’s Metropolitan Detention Center after being arrested for larceny and other charges. According to KOAT7, officials think she was trying to hide the gun which she then attempted to throw away in the bathroom.

According to a criminal complaint, McAllister told investigators the gun was in her waistband, but the Bernalillo County deputy who interviewed her said he doubts that and believes the gun was likely in her private area.

Officer Simon Drobik said police did their best to make sure she wasn’t armed before entering the jail. “We can only be so thorough, and that area is out of the question. We cannot search a body cavity,” said Drobik.

The report didn’t say whether or not the gun was loaded, which I feel like is a very important detail to the story. I feel like the day women are not just able to hide, but also fire a gun from out of our vaginas will be a game changer for the history books.

Edited because I completely forgot about this:

Via KOAT7 and The Houston Chronicle