Meet The Tinder User Who Has An Honest Reason Why Women Should Sleep With Him

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04.27.15 4 Comments
Woman reading tinder


Most people on Tinder are just looking out for themselves, swiping right in hopes of getting the gratification they deserve. Not Daniel. He’s looking out for all the women out there who are feeling a little desperate. He wants to protect you from an awful fate of eating pizza rolls and angrily sitting by the phone (to be fair, anything involving pizza rolls can’t be all that bad). Daniel wants to protect you from yourself.

If it’s not sex on a first date that will make either party lose interest, it might be the clingy texts or the demands that you hang out as often as humanly possible in the hopes of doing it while watching Netflix. Whatever the reason for the death of your budding relationship, this guy wants to help every single out there make sure it doesn’t happen again.

(Source: Reddit)

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