Meet The Woman Who Shot A Gun Into A McDonald’s Because She Didn’t Get Any Bacon On Her Burger


Twice in the same day, Shaneka Monique Torres attempted to get a bacon cheeseburger at McDonald’s. Both times, the burger was delivered to her sans bacon. So she reacted as any sane person would — she pulled out her gun and fired a round into the restaurant:

Shaneka Monique Torres, 30, ordered a bacon cheeseburger at the McDonald’s on Feb. 10, 2014 but it arrived without bacon. She complained to a manager and was offered a free burger, according to Grand Rapids local news outlet WZZM 13.

At about, Torres and her friend returned to order another bacon cheeseburger. This burger also came without bacon and Torres verbally lashed out at a worker before pulling out her handgun and firing a round into the restaurant. No one was injured.

Her attorney says she fired the gun by accident and the incident has absolutely nothing to do with the absence of bacon, but we know better. Such is the wonder of bacon. When denied its intoxicating power, people do crazy things.

After just an hour of deliberation, the jury found Torres guilty this past Wednesday. She will be sentenced on April 21st. Do they have bacon in jail? Let’s hope so, for everyone else’s sake.

Source: Time