Meet The Woman Who Filed The ‘F*ck This Court’ Legal Brief

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Tamah Jada Clark was none too happy with her legal situation, which stems from September 2010. According to Vice, that’s when she was arrested for conspiring to break her young child’s father out of jail, where he was serving a 30-year sentence. Years of accusations, interrogations and what Clark perceived as racist, unjust treatment and negligence led her to believe that the judge who ruled against her was in contempt.

Hence “F*ck This Court and Everything That It Stands For”, a nine-page legal brief Clark composed and submitted in complaint against one Willis B. Hunt, Jr. — the judge in question. But don’t let its title fool you, because despite the treasure trove of insults housed within, “F*ck This Court” is rife with all the legalese you’d expect.

Read it here:


Clark explains her history in great detail on her website. According to Vice:

When I spoke to her on the phone, she told me that she was a triple-major in college who once aspired to study international law before she became disillusioned by the whole legal system after seeing the 1999 movie The Hurricane.

She’s actually quite intelligent, as is evident in the document. Clark knows her way around the legal system, as well as the basic procedural steps and stylistic constraints necessary to write and submit a brief like this.

I’m not too sure about the accompanying document, “Why Most Americans Do Not Inherently Owe Federal Income Taxes”, but her otherwise eloquently-yet-abrasive language makes for good reading.

(Via Vice)

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