What The Hell? Capcom Almost Made A ‘Mega Man’ First Person Shooter.

Mega Man and his very understated new gun. 

When Mega Man co-creator and series overlord Keiji Inafune left Capcom in 2010 a number of games featuring the Blue Bomber were cancelled, including a very strange one the world is only learning about now.

Apparently Inafune was working on a first person shooter take on Mega Man with Armature Studios, a company founded by the creators of the Metroid Prime series. I guess the thinking was “if 2D action-platformer Metroid can be made into a FPS, why not Mega Man?” A sound theory (I suppose).

The game was codenamed Maverick Hunter, and took place in a reimagined, more “realistic” Mega Man X universe. Mega Man X himself would have sported a new look designed by Iron Man artist Adi Granov and had a new “Bruce Willis-like” human police officer as a sidekick. Huh. Okay.

Hit the jump for some video footage and screenshots of the never-to-be-released Maverick Hunter

Mmmm, that’s some shiny Mega Man ass. 

They have more footage of Maverick Hunter and a more detailed look at the game’s doomed history over at Polygon.