Megacon Megagallery of Cosplay Pictures (Part One)

Last weekend was Megacon in Orlando, Florida, and we’ve got a bunch of pictures to gawk at in wonder and amazement or with detached amusement followed by snarky commentary.  Little of both. We’d like to extend our hugest thanks and love tugs to elegant gentlemen and dashing rogues Rob Gertzman and Burnsy, who took these photos.

(click pictures to enlarge)

Should I . . . should I be buying a ticket?

Sad furry is sad.

Is that . . . is that a penis?

Be glad I cropped a large person in neon spandex out of this picture.

Okay, terrific.

Futurama tattoos never go out of style.  Probably.

This is Sparta?

I know this isn’t Doc Brown cosplay, but man do I want to make a Back to the Future joke right now.

Scariest ginger ever?

This guy has mastered the “crotch concealing fist pose”.

Sweatpants, Superman?

“Needs more pouches.” — Rob Liefeld

Helloooo, nurse.

Attention all Etsy sellers: this is what “steampunk” actually looks like.

Gary Busey?


I saw these guys in a back alley brawl with some Angry Birds cosplayers.

Suddenly, Green Man.

Ladies . . .

Zombie Superman?

Perez Hilton’s lost weight.


Algebra teachers.

This isn’t a costume.  I wear this same getup to Walmart all the time.

This guy is the Mayor of Hobby Lobby.

Robin costumes without pants are almost always creepy. Fact.

I’m pretty sure I battled this guy’s face in Super Mario Bros. 2

A furry with green hair and a skull earring carrying a Jo Ann Fabrics plastic bag while texting on a pink cellphone.  This is us, America.