Melania Evaded Trump’s Attempted Hand-Holding (Again) In Rome, And The Internet Can’t Help Itself

Donald Trump’s first foreign trip as president has already generated plenty of controversy, especially when he inadvertently brought up his controversial Oval Office visit with Russian officials while posing with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. Yet First Lady Melania Trump has been stirring the pot too, for footage of her swatting away her husband’s hand on the Tel Aviv tarmac gave way to plenty of speculation and online trolling. And to make matters worse, cameras caught her doing the same thing when Air Force One arrived at Rome on Tuesday.

CNN Reporter Daniella Diaz brought everyone’s attention to the second hand-swatting with a short GIF of the moment.

Sure enough, after the pair spend a few moments waving to the crowds from the plane, Trump reaches for Melania’s hand before heading down the staircase. She brushes his hand aside and conveniently adjusts her hair, leaving the president literally empty-handed. As they descend the stairs together, Trump instead places his hand near Melania’s lower posterior (i.e. her butt) and proceeds. So yeah, several television cameras and press members gathered to document the president’s arrival in Rome just caught him putting his hand on his wife’s ass.

Needless to say, the internet was yet again aghast at Melania’s public rebuttal.