Meme Watch: It’s About Time We Gave ‘Forever Resentful Mother’ Her Own Feature

We here at UPROXX would never speak ill of our saintly mothers, and not just because they may be reading this, of course. Some people aren’t so lucky to have mothers as benevolent and graceful and generous as ours, which may be why the Forever Resentful Mother meme is suddenly so popular.
The first version of the meme was posted at Quickmeme on Wednesday evening and caught on quickly at Reddit and Buzzfeed. Over 300 variations were created last night alone, and we’ve collected some of the best in the slideshow below. Don’t have time to look at them? Oh, that’s okay. You’re very busy. You wouldn’t have time to look at something we spent all morning making. Go ahead and leave, just like your father. We’ll be fine.
[All images courtesy of Quickmeme.]