Meme Watch: Condescending Literary Pun Dog Will Tickle The Dickens Out Of You

Maybe I’m simply getting older, or maybe I just never gave them enough of a chance because I was busy being cool and tough, but man am I turning into a sucker for “animals + internet.” Just this morning I saw the same above literary dog macro (with a slightly different theme) on Gamma Squad and enjoyed it so much I raced to toss it up on the UPROXX Tumblr. Then a few hours later I was practically giddy to find out it has inspired a full on Condescending Literary Pun Dog meme. I guess this means I’ll see if my mom wants share a laugh with me over the holidays? I don’t even know who I am anymore.

My existential crisis aside, the humor behind Literary Pun Dog is self-explanatory, and the number of puns you get should be viewed a a nice gauge for how well read you are (hint: if your number is less than five keep quiet when the grownups are speaking).

Thoreau me a ball. Classic. It’s funny because I’d rather get a prostate exam than read “Walden” again.

Sources: Quickmeme & Buzzfeed