Meme Watch: Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls

There’s something about undermining the awkward and fabricated “romance” of the Titanic nude sketch scene that I find delightful, so give me a sprawled out fat guy coupled with crappy Rose and Jack dialogue and my daily lulz quota is almost always satisfied. That’s why it’s disappointing more people aren’t aware of and/or participating in “Draw me like one of your French girls,” the meme that manages to simultaneously goof on Titanic and people/pets lying in compromising positions. 60’s Spiderman is really the only one taking full advantage (you’ll see).

I’ve whipped up a variation featuring my favorite internet sensation after the jump and included several of my favorites in the slideshow, but I encourage you, the internet, to embrace captioning photos of celebrities, friends, family, or pets with this simple line going forward.

Sources: Know Your Meme, Reddit