Meme Watch: Famous Geek-Related Movie Quotes Rewritten For Fancy Gentlemen

TheFrogman rephrased several well-known movie quotes in a way befitting Joseph Ducreux. Then took the ball and ran with it, creating several more “Famous movie quotes as if spoken by a proper Englishman” image macros, and they did so — uncharacteristically for a site started by 4chan’s moot — with a bare minimum of references to the “@ss to @ss” scene in Requiem for a Dream. I didn’t say there were no references, of course . . .

Check out the gallery for a selection of the best image macros from this meme using quotes from sci-fi, fantasy, and superhero movies.

[Sources: Slacktory,, Geekosystem]

I didn’t see any RoboCop ones, so I made this.

Oh yes.

Not geek-related, but I couldn’t resist. Don’t like it? Go home and get your f-ckin’ shinebox.