Meme Watch: Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton Is Here To Liven Up This Boring @ss Press Conference

So this seems like a good way to get to the weekend: a few days ago Redditor MadLarkin shared the above photo (sans text) from a 2010 White House press conference with the caption, “Words can not describe how much I love this pic of Obama and Clinton.” And of course the rest of Reddit agreed, except they did have words. “Inappropriate Timing Bill Clinton” captions to be precise.

In a matter of days this went from a buried press conference photo to an image macro with countless entries as many web dwellers have been WAY too excited to recycle their old Monica Lewinsky jokes. Those variations kind of blow (pun intended) if you ask me. I’m personally in it for the gross Uncle Bill lines. It seems all too probable that Clinton and Joe Biden were swapping corny dick jokes behind the curtain seconds before he broke loose and brought the party rock to the otherwise boring-as-sh*t press conference.

Warning: If you have an inability to find even the slightest amusement in things crass, insensitive, and sexist turn back now. The rest of us will take it from here.

Sources: Reddit, Know Your Meme, & Quickmeme