Meme Watch: Lazy College Senior Needs To Borrow Your Notes

These college memes sure are popular, huh? First it was Naive Freshman Bro, then it was Sheltered Freshman Coed, and now the internet is taking a trip to the other end of the matriculation spectrum and tackling the trials and tribulations of the lazy senior. I don’t know that any of these are as genuinely lulzy and clever as they are identifiable and “funny cause they’re true” so people get a kick out of them. I was a college senior not-so-long-but-longer-than-I’d-like-to-admit ago, caught between that weird place of being over school but not ready to go to work so I get it.
Here’s a handful of the best of the new meme. They start getting really repetitive after a while so these just about cover it. And don’t ask me who decided that a random European kid drinking a Guinness at a sidewalk cafe  should be the face of this meme. I mean there’s no denying he looks plenty lazy, but come on. I hope I get consulted when “In Denial Dorm RA” gets created.
Quickmeme via Gorilla Mask