Meme Watch: Oh Meme Dad, You Get All The Memes

A few days ago Redditor shecabuge shared the above image, sans text, with the caption, “My dad recently discovered memes. He’s 38 and he’s laughing so hard that he’s crying.” Little did this Redditor know — or did he/she? — that this simple post would result in Meme Dad, a new metameme (*buys domain name*) that is equal parts hilarious and rewarding.
The hilarity comes from this corny joker slowly piecing together the crux of each meme and laughing till he cries at what he has discovered. The rewarding part is being such a connoisseur of memes that you know which meme Meme Dad is giggling to just from the caption. And by “rewarding” I mean it “has no value in life whatsoever.” If you are — for whatever reason — socially active enough to not get some of the Meme Dad references a quick stroll through our Meme Watch archives should do the trick. Just make sure to restrain your uncontrollable laughter for when your kids aren’t around.
Reddit & Quickmeme via Buzzfeed