Meme Watch: Pervert Stingray Has An Underwater Surprise For Three Lucky Ladies

In case the two-headed snake didn’t convince you, here’s further proof that NATURE IS TERRIFYING AND MUST BE STOPPED: stingrays have faces. I did NOT know this, or at least I was blissfully ignorant until I saw this picture on Reddit, featuring a stingray scaring the bejesus out of three teenage females in the ocean.

There are two and only two good things about this soul-sapping image: 1) the smug reactions of the grandmas on the right, and 2) the birth of the “Pervert Stingray” meme. That’s not the only thing that’s gonna give birth. (What I’m saying is that stingray is going to get those ladies pregnant. The ocean is awful.)

(All pictures via Quick Meme)