Meme Watch: Ridiculously Photogenic Guy Is Making The Internet A More Attractive Place

Earlier this week Redditor The KoG shared this photo from Saturday’s Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston, South Carolina with the caption, “My friend calls him ‘Mr Ridiculously Photogenic Guy.'” The KoG was simply taking photos of runners and does not know Mr. RPG. Reddit, of course, became immediately fascinated by the man who can take such a perfect spontaneous jogging photo and began meme-ing the everliving sh*t out of him.
There’s no real rhyme or reason to the meme-ification of Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (who turns out to be a New York resident no one has tracked down yet). The important thing is to simply concentrate on how GD magnificent this son of a b*tch looks. I’m particularly fond of Mr. RPG improving a disastrous Tina Fey photo (inset), but all the rest of these deserve your attention as well, as they may make you better looking by association. So hot right now.
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