Meme Watch: Schrute Facts Debunk Pointless Expressions

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08.10.11 4 Comments

I remain an unapologetic Office fan. Even when the show has gotten lazy or seemingly jumped the shark it’s still more entertaining than 90% of the network sitcom garbage out there, and I’ve carved out a lot of viewing time in my life. So I guess that makes me an unapologetic Schrute Facts fan. I concede that the meme would have been much more effective had it been created after season one or two, but I really like the idea of responding to some terribly cliched email with nothing but one of these images. “Suck it, Lady Gaga fan I’m inexplicably friends with!” “Suck it, guy in my fantasy football league who drafts a defense in the fifth round!” Etc, etc.
What I’m really looking forward to though is creating my own Robert California meme after the first couple episodes of this season air. Something like “Meets You in Coffee Shop…Figured Out.” Until then Schrute Facts will have to do.
Sources: Know Your Meme, Buzzfeed, Quickmeme

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