Meme Watch: Sheltered College Freshman

I enjoy the Oblivious College Freshman meme as much as — if not more than — the next guy who has experienced an awkward and eye-opening freshman year. I didn’t think another macro would ever top its commentary on the college experience, and maybe one won’t, but “Sheltered College Freshman” is giving it a serious run for its money.
Maybe it’s because I don’t picture myself as the butt of the joke, or maybe it’s just how ridiculously accurate some of these are, or maybe they just tickle some latent sexism inside me, but man do these slay me. SLAY ME. Granted, they’re pretty much all off color, but — just like every joke I told or heard in college — that’s pretty much the point. And that’s why I’m certain you @ssholes will enjoy them as much as I do. There’s no humor quite like alcohol poisoning humor.
Via: Buzzfeed and Quickmeme