Meme Watch: The Prez Is NOT Impressed

During Thanksgiving dinner with your family, it’s guaranteed you’ll talk about at least three of the following four topics: Hostess going out of business, President Obamacare being reelected, “that strange Korean man with that crazy dance,” and another meme from many months ago, possibly Grumpy Cat or Pervert Stingray. If you’re lucky, though, your catatonic uncle will mutter something about McKayla Maroney (creepy old dudes seem to love her, not sure why), who recently collaborated with Obama for “Unimpressed Prez.”
And thus, in potentially the first documented case of a meme becoming its own meme (…and the world just sunk in on itself), “The Prez Is Not Impressed” Tumblr was born. Aw, he hates Snooki, Leno, and Newt, too.
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