This Epic Memorial Day Battle In A Costco Parking Lot Could Be HBO’s Next Miniseries

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05.31.16 3 Comments

It’s no secret that people get vicious over the holidays. Malls are dangerous between Thanksgiving and December 24 (a woman once tripped me and then laughed as I fell because I didn’t say “excuse me” loudly enough when squeezing past her), BevMo is a violent free-for-all the day before the 4th of July, and now not even Costco parking lots are safe from gruesome multi-person fights that break out over parking spaces over Memorial Day Weekend. The heat and the fear that someone will grab that last bottle of cut-rate Fireball or Kirkland brand vodka is enough to drive anyone insane.

Fair warning: What you’re about to see (because of course someone got it on tape) is not safe for work. There’s language, and violence, and, as Bro Bible points out, a woman with one of the most annoying screams in the world. The entire thing is also pretty confusing for two reasons: One, it happened in Canada, where we’re told people are nice and bad things never happen; two, it’s really hard to make out why exactly people are fighting or why a second round of fighting occurs after the initial screaming match dies down.

Enough of this prattling, however. Here’s the havoc in all its unadulterated “people are and will always be awful even when you give them modern conveniences and produce at cheap prices” glory:

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