These Brave Men And Women Gave Up Masturbation For 30 Days, And It Did Not Go So Well

The four individuals in this BuzzFeed video decided to take a chapter from the Seinfeld episode “The Contest” to see if they could be the master of their own domains and abstain from masturbating for a month. All participants admitted to regularly masturbating, as volunteer Kelsey confessed that she “absolutely masturbates every day.”

So how did they fare over the 30-day period? Subjects reported irritability, compulsions to become uncivilized — as volunteer Ricky put it: “I just felt like I had turned into an animal and I had to fight these urges” — and eating a lot more junk food like ice cream and pizza.

Of course, being that the findings are only of four different people, it’s hardly an accurate study, but I think it still goes to show that overall, a masturbating society is a happy society. Make sure to take a little time for yourself. The people you encounter throughout your day thank you.

(Via BroBible)