Meninists Tried To Shame This Guy For Crying On His Wedding Day. It Backfired.

As Leslie Knope once said, men’s rights is nothing, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t “meninists” out there, hoping for a world where bros will finally stop being objectified. They also pick on guys who so-called “act” like girls, including 23-year-old Texas-native Adam Harris. Photos from his wedding day last year, in which he can be seen looking at his wife with tears rolling down his face BECAUSE IT’S HIS WEDDING DAY, was shared on a popular “meninist” Twitter account, with the caption, “He’s thinking about all the side hoes he has to give up.”

To which Harris responded:

Harris told BuzzFeed, “When I saw her, I couldn’t hold back feelings of excitement and love. She looked gorgeous. Our photographer, Dustin Finklestein, captured the moment perfectly.” He then (probably) said that he got laid more on his wedding night than the typical meninist does all year.

(Via BuzzFeed)