Metal Hurlant To Hit TV Screens Without The Heavy Metal

The classic French sci-fi comic magazine Metal Hurlant is getting it’s own TV show, but don’t mistake this for a new Heavy Metal project.

Hurlant publisher United Humanoids is working with We Prods., a French DVD house, to produce the Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which will be based on the original french graphic novels. It’ll be shot in English and French and they’ve secured distributors in a number of overseas markets, but haven’t secured a US one yet.

Metal Hurlant was created in 1974 by French comic artists Jean Giraud (Moebius) and Philippe Druillet, who founded United Humanoids. While Metal Hurlant was brought to the US by as the magazine Heavy Metal by National Lampoon editor Sean Kelly, Heavy Metal was revamped in 1980 with new US contributors like Bernie Wrightson and Howard Cruse. The Heavy Metal movies were based on this and later US stories and not the original French Metal Hurlant stories. Reportedly David Fincher was working on a new Heavy Metal movie, but no word’s come out about that project since last year.

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