A Miami Beach Club Is Under Investigation After A Scantily Clad Woman Rode A Horse Into It

It’s all fun and games in Miami Beach, Florida until a woman wearing a bikini rides a horse into the middle of the club and loses control. According to CBS Miami, that’s precisely what happened at a club called The Mokai Lounge, according to several viral videos depicting the incident on social media. Sometime late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning, per the videos, “a horse carrying a man and a woman in a string bikini, was lead into the crowded nightclub.” At one point, a woman’s voice in one of the clips can be heard exclaiming, “It’s a horse, a real horse!”

Shortly thereafter, all hell broke loose. Per CNN, “The horse then dips, the woman falls off and the horse bucks and walks off.” Soon after people in the crowded nightclub “are heard gasping and then cheering” as the horse attempts to flee the scene. CBS Miami now reports that the club has lost its license, and that a criminal investigation is currently underway. Thankfully, the authorities have also located the horse and declared it to be “healthy and safe.”

“The city was made aware of an incident involving possible animal cruelty and a hazard to public safety,” noted a statement from the City of Miami Beach. In a followup, City Manager Jimmy Morales said, “I was disgusted and offended that any legitimate businessperson would think this was an appropriate action to take.”

(Via CNN and CBS Miami)